Delivery costs

Country-specific delivery costs

Country of destinationDelivery costs
Österreich4,50 EUR
Deutschland7,20 EUR
Belgium19,90 EUR
Bulgaria19,90 EUR
Croatia19,90 EUR
Cyprus19,90 EUR
Czech Republic19,90 EUR
Denmark19,90 EUR
Estonia19,90 EUR
Finland19,90 EUR
France19,90 EUR
Greece19,90 EUR
Hungary19,90 EUR
Ireland19,90 EUR
Italy19,90 EUR
Latvia19,90 EUR
Lithuania19,90 EUR
Luxembourg19,90 EUR
Malta19,90 EUR
Netherlands19,90 EUR
Poland19,90 EUR
Portugal19,90 EUR
Romania19,90 EUR
Slovakia19,90 EUR
Slovenia19,90 EUR
Spain19,90 EUR
Sweden19,90 EUR
United Kingdom19,90 EUR

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